A Summary of Billboard Advertising Advantages

Marketing companies all across the UK have known about billboard advertising advantages for quite a while. Companies that have traditionally done their own advertising however, are only realising all the advantages of using billboard advertising now. Even so, they have jumped into the fray of this burgeoning advertising market feet first and are some of the most dynamic and enthusiastic users of this unique advertising medium. The reason why this form of advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising markets is because of the big advantages it has over all other advertising mediums. These are the advantages to using billboard advertising:1. Low CostThe start up cost of a typical billboard, as well as the monthly re-occurring costs to keep and maintain a billboard, is the single biggest of the many billboard advertising advantages. Without taking anything else into consideration, the cost to set-up a billboard is lower than most other advertising mediums and the monthly maintenance is lower than the first month’s cost. Compared to print advertising, where the cost the first month is more than a billboard and the cost is fixed at that same price from month to month, the billboard’s low cost really shines as a big advantage.2. Larger than Life Advertising MediumOne of the most often cited advantages to using billboard advertising is that the ads are larger than life. For a business owner, it is a source of pride to see their company advertised in this format because it almost takes on a life of its own. With an advertisement that big, the level of detail and the information that can be provided is up to the imagination of the graphic artist, marketing staff and corporate decision makers rather than be limited by space.3. Maximum ImpressionsWhile the cost for a billboard is a big advantage, it becomes even more of one when the cost is looked at based on the number of people who see the advertisement. A well placed billboard can be viewed by hundreds of thousands of drivers a day. During portions of that day, those impressions are not fleeting glances but a way to break up the boredom of driving slowly in rush hour traffic.4. Repeat ImpressionsPeople commute to work four or five days a week and typically take the same route to work and back every day. This means that those many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people will see the same billboard advertisement day in and day out. Those repeat impressions are incredibly expensive in other forms of advertising. In a magazine, for instance, how would a company go about getting multiple impressions for their product? They would have to take out multiple advertisements in the same issue and pay dearly for the privilege.5. Perfectly Timed ImpressionsFinally, there are many times where the impressions from billboard advertising are the best timed of any forms of advertising. For example, a company is advertising their brand of a grocery product and five miles away is a local market that many people stop at on their way home from work. Those advertising impressions are so timely, they are far more likely to influence the purchasing decisions over a similar advertisement in a different medium that was viewed hours prior.

Airplane Advertising – A Unique and Effective Form of Advertising

Advertisement is an important aspect of marketing. It plays an important role in attracting consumers. Marketers are thinking innovative and creative techniques to grasp the attention of the consumers. There is a competition going on between the organizations to win a large share of market and consumer. Recently, a new kind of advertising has been observed that is airplane advertising. It is considered to be the most effective advertising type in the modern era.When advertising is concerned, the task is not only to create the seducing and memorable message, but to give a long-lasting impact on consumers. Today, it’s the utmost desire of any organization to create strong influence that will attract the people to the respect the organization, service or product against all other competitors. The aim of successful advertising is to make customer believe that it is impossible to live without the marketed product. Marketers persuade this in a tactical way so that customers feel incomplete without the product and purchase the product instantaneously. Keeping this strategy in mind, companies always need to be formulating creative and new methods to get its product and message in the market.Benefits:
One should consider and formulate the benefits of advertising techniques for carrying out their latest campaign. Currently, large organizations have switched over to airplane advertising due to its immense benefits. This kind of advertising helps to approach large spectators in the chosen area which is expected to be highly populated. To carry out the advertising, a plane is hired to do the required job. The plane is then used to display the banner over the chosen area. This type of advertising can grasp the attention of a large number of people in one flight. Sometimes, these highly populated areas consist of thousands of people. Thus it is effective for mass audience and market.The second important benefit is that in this method only one company’s advertisement is in the air. It is to be realized that only one advertisement in air means that all the people’s eyes and concentration will be on that one company’s product without any other competitor’s product in sight. This advertising may appear to be quite expensive but has long-lasting impact on a large number of consumers. Once the advertisement banner is made, the company has to pay for the flights.The two kinds of Airplane Advertisement:
For the choice of marketer, a large number of different kinds of styles are available for airplane advertisement. The recognized and common form of advertisement is the text banner. Generally, it is a single layered banner comprising only numbers and letters in black. It is an excellent method to advertise about a sale or discounted offer at a store, to publicize a unique event or simply to display a company’s blog, email or website address.The second technique is in the shape of usual advertisement but in a unique way. It is called as billboard advertisement. Usually it is in the form and size of a typical and common billboard encountered on the roads. This bill board will not be installed on the highway or road side but will be soaring in the sky. It can easily catch the attention of any person within that locality. It can be utilized in any way like simply displaying the logo of a company. This later suggestion is fruitful for those companies who have an established brand and have gained immense popularity among the consumers. There is a surety in this type of advertisement that can approach target audience in an original and unique way.